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Spiralarms boasts undisputed Musical Royalty from Bay Area major-label heavy weights Systematic, Manmade God, and Machine Head!

Spiralarms sonically fuses power, danger and deep emotion into a fresh & heavy soundscape driving an ultra modern edge. The music is explosive, the lyrics are poetic, and the drums are pounding & unapologetic. With seamless 4-part vocal arrangements and natural hooks, SPIRALARMS dazzlingly displays a highly skilled concert of progressive song-crafting expertise & musicianship!

Impressively, Tim Narducci (Guitar/Vocals), Craig Locicero (Guitar/BGV), Chris Kontos (Drums), "Cornbread" Lombardo (Bass/BGV), and Brad Barth (Keyboards/BGV), have created a powerful & brilliantly melodic sound. Spiralarms effectively breaks all the rules of today's modern music, while at the same time boldly kicking your ass in a radio friendly way!

Looking to breakout of the box with their blend of "Beautifully Brutal" music, Spiralarms produces a smart and original sound that does just that – they crush the box!
"You know that a band fronted by Tim Narducci, Craig Locicero and Chris Kontos is going to cook up some ass kickin' riffs and major hooks. Spiralarms is rock-n-roll served up with attitude and more than just a side of sass!"
–Sean Beavan (Producer, Mixer)
"Spiralarms is Bigger & Better Music for The New Millennium Music Lover!"
–J. Othello (Author of The Soul of Rock ‘n Roll)

Check out a sample of Spiralarms music!


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